How to Configure your Conan Exiles: Server - All Options Explained

While the initial setup of a Conan: Exiles server is quite simple, understanding the various parameters can take a little more research. If you’re wondering how to change your max player count, disable nudity or PvP, and optimize your bandwidth usage, this guide will serve as a strong starting point.

Before you begin

Before you jump into it, a refresher on how to edit the config files may be useful. On Windows, it’s likely you’ll be editing the majority of the options via the Dedicated Server Launcher. This will give you access to basic parameters like the player count, backups, scheduled restarts, and some network configuration.

For more advanced changes, you may need to check your .ini files. These are located in …/conanserver/ConanSandbox/Saved/Config/WindowsServer and include Engine.ini, Game.ini, and ServerSettings.ini. You can open these in any word processing program and save them back as the same file type.

If you followed our Conan Exiles server setup guide, your linux files will be located in /home/server. You can navigate there and edit the files with:

su - conanserver

cd server/conansandbox/saved/config/windowserver

Editing the .ini files can then be achieved with the commands:

nano Engine

nano Game

nano ServerSettings

Remember to replace our references to x with a relevant number

Conan: Exiles .ini parameters explained

Conan has a wealth of parameters server admins can change, affecting anything from the server region and name to damage multipliers, crafting time, and pets. You can change some of these with the DedicatedServerLauncher, but others will require manual .ini editing. We’ll first be covering the ones you should change manually, rather than in-game,


In Engine.ini, you need to add a port for your server, if it’s not already there. This will ensure your game matches your router and firewall settings:


Port = 7777

You should also add the following under the heading [OnlineSubsystemSteam]:


Simply, the name you want players to see when looking for your server. You may want to append details like the mods, crafting rates, and location in square brackets at the end.

ServerQueryPort= 27015

This is the port SteamAPI utilizes to query your server. It looks for basic information, details about each player on the server, and the server’s rules. As a result, it’s a good idea to make sure this matches the ports you forwarded on your router. Generally, you should keep this as the default.

ServerPassword = SecurePassword

This one is quite self-explanatory. Players will have to type whatever’s after the equals sign to access the server. Good if you want to keep things private.


RconEnabled = 1

RconPassword = SecurePassword

RconPort = 25575

RconMaxKarma= 60

Most servers have a remote console option, and Conan: Exiles is no different. These solutions generally give you more functionality than running commands in-game, such as sending multiple commands in one line, font coloring, or access from a different PC to the host.

The first setting enables this option. You should change the password to something secure, and keep the port as 25575, as that’s what you’ll have been instructed to port forward. The karma setting is prevention against DDoS attacks, and its default of 60 should be fine.


Now, moving on to the server settings. You should add these to the bottom of your .ini, paying particular attention to creating a secure admin password.

LogoutCharactersRemainInTheWorld = False

This determines whether characters stick around when a player accesses the game and can be set to True or False. As players keep their items, you probably want this off if your server is PvP.

PVPEnabled = True/False

Speaking of PvP, this is the setting that controls it. You’ll want this in your config if you don’t want your players killing each other.

AdminPassword = SecurePassword

The most important setting you’ll configure today. The password you set here will be used by yourself and server admins to change options in-game. Make sure it’s not easily guessed or the same as any of your other passwords.

ServerRegion = x

You should set this to wherever your server is located. 0 is Europe, 1 North America, 2 Asia, 3 Australia, 4 South America, and 5 Japan.

IsBattlEyeEnabled = True/False

BattlEye is an anti-cheat solution. Whether you want it enabled likely depends on your use case. We recommend you keep it on.

IsVacEnabled = True/False

This is Valve’s anti-cheat.


This part is a little more complex. Again, these can go at the bottom of the .ini file:



Sets Conan to use a user’s SteamID for authentication. This will ensure they don’t log in multiple times, for example.


MaxPlayers = x

The maximum number of players allowed on the server at one time.


TotalNetBandwidth= 4000000



Bandwidth optimization is a tricky thing, so it’s generally not recommended that players with little experience mess with these default values. These values are in bytes per second, with MaxDynamic Bandwidth being the speeds your connection can reach in a best-case scenario and Min in the worst case.

Conan: Exiles in-game server settings

Conan: Exiles is a refreshing place to run a server due to the wealth of settings you can easily change in-game. You’ll find the following in under the Server Settings submenu via ESC>Settings>Server Settings.


Difficulty can be set to Civilized, Decadent or Barbaric. Bear in mind that bosses were created with multiplayer in mind, so don’t set this too high if you’re planning on soloing them.



Conan only has one official map, ConanSandBox. However, if you want to use a self-made map, you can add this and change it to the correct path.


Nudity in Conan can be set to either 0, 1, or 2. 0 turns it off completely, 1 shows partial nudity (toplessness) and 2 reveals all.


Players will see this when they log into the server. You should probably add things like rules, your discord server, and other info.

Make Admin

Gives you admin access to the server. Requires the password you set earlier.

Time-Restrict PVP

You can change this to enable PvP during certain times of day. This helps balance between players who want PvP, and those who don’t.

PvP Blitz Enabled

Lets players progress faster so they can jump straight into late-game PvP.

Time Restirct PvP Building Damage

Like the general time restrict setting, but only applies to structures.


Choose what best suits your server style. The options are Relaxed, HardCore, Purist, RolePlaying, or Experimental. Players use these filters to find your server.

No Ownership

Turning this on means players can loot or dismantle any chests or buildings regardless of who built them. It’s unlikely you want this unless you’re playing with trusted friends.

Containers Ignore Ownership

Like the above, but just for containers. Players can lock some chests even when this is enabled.

Can damage player owned structures

Players can damage the buildings of others.

Can damage players

As above, but for players.

Clan Max Size

Once a clan reaches this limit, members can’t join. Stops one clan from snowballing.

Sever Voice Chat

Disables/enables in-game voice chat.


Player XP Rate Multiplier

This setting affects the rate of all of the XP in the below settings.

Player XP Time Multiplier

Affects the rate at which players receive passive XP for surviving.

Player XP Kill Multiplier

XP rate for player and monster kills specifically.

Player XP Harvest Multiplier

Same as above, but for resource gathering.

Player XP Craft Multiplier

Setting this to a higher value will increase the XP players get for crafting.

Day/Night Cycle

Day Cycle Speed

By default, 24 hours in Conan takes 30 minutes. This multiplier changes the speed of the 24-hour cycle overall, with 0.5 causing it to take an hour, and 1.5 15 minutes.

Day Time Speed

As you’d expect, day time in Conan takes up half of the full cycle. As a result, changing this to 0.5 will mean day lasts for 30 minutes. 1 will keep it at the default of 15 minutes, and 1.5 will make it last 7.5 minutes. You can change just this setting if you want days to last longer than nights.

Night Time Speed

Same as above, but for night time.

Dawn/Dusk Time Speed

As well as day and night, there’s a transition period between the two. Depending on the multiplier, you can have these last 5 minutes, 2.5 minutes, 1.25 minutes, or whatever else you want.

Use Catch Up Time

Admins can use this to force all new players to start at a preset time. In the day, for example, when it’s easiest to survive. If this is enabled, their day will only progress once the server time catches up to them.


Player Health Multiplier

The amount of health a player has. Default is 100 HP, so a multiplier of 0.5 sets it to 50, and 1.5 to 150.

Player Health Regen Speed Scale

Passive health regeneration. The default is 5 HP/second.

Player Stamina Multiplier

Same concept as the HP multiplier, but for stamina, which also starts at 100.

Stamina Cost Multiplier

Adjusts how quickly a player gets tired by increasing the amount of stamina per action.

Player Sprint Speed Scale

Gotta go fast? This is the setting you use to do that. Default is 2 m/s.

Stamina Sprint Cost Multiplier

Maybe you want your players to be able to sprint infinitely. You can make sprinting take next to no stamina per second, or a higher amount, if you’re evil. The default is 2 per second.

Player Stamina Regen Speed Scale

Once you run out of stamina, it usually regens at a rate of 5 per second. This multiplies that depending on your value.

Player Active Thirst Multiplier

Players lose water over time. This adjusts the default value of 2 per second.

Player Offline Thirst Multiplier

By default, you still lose water while offline. This changes the default rate of 2.

Player Active Hunger Multiplier

Same as the thirst multiplier, but for hunger.

Player Offline Hunger Multiplier

The rate at which a player’s hunger decays when they’re offline.

Everybody can loot corpse

If this is enabled, anyone can loot a player’s body. Otherwise, only the dead user can recover the items. It’s enabled by default.


Player Damage Multiplier

The amount of damage a player does. Default is 20.

Player Damage Taken Multiplier

Damage taken from other players. Default is 20 again.

Minion Damage Multiplier

Thralls do a default of 20 damage to other players, you can decrease or increase this if you think they’re too strong/weak.

Minion Damage Taken Multiplier

If you change the above option, you may also want to change the amount of damage minions take. The default is 20.

NPC Damage Multiplier

This modifies the damage monsters and NPCs receive from players. Again, default is 20.

NPC Health Multiplier

Lets you buff the health of all NPCs, from a base of 100.

NPC Respawn Multiplier

This makes NPCs respawn faster or slower, and can be useful depending on your player count. The default is 30 seconds, and a multiplier of 0 theoretically makes them never respawn. Sadly, a lot of NPCs don’t obey this parameter.

Friendly Fire Damage Multiplier

You can change this to 0 if there’s a lot of teamkilling, or reduce it if teammates keep accidentally hitting each other.

Building Damage Multiplier

The higher this value is, the more damage buildings receive.

Durability Multiplier

As you’d expect, this changes how long tools or weapons last. Durability degrades when items are used or hit, with a base of 10 per hit. If the mechanic annoys you, you can set this to 0 to disable degradation entirely.

Shield Durability Multiplier

Shields durability can be controlled independently of the global durability setting. The default is still 10 lost per hit, and you can turn off degradation with 0.

Thrall Wakeup Time

You can tame thralls by knocking them out. This setting changes how long they stay unconscious. By default, they’re out for 10 minutes.

Thrall Damage While Unconscious

By default, Thrall damage while unconscious is the same as regular damage - 20. You can adjust the multiplier to make them take more or less damage, with the option to make them invulnerable.

Avatar Lifetime

Determines how long avatars stay in the world after they’re summoned. It’s usually 60 seconds, but you can make it as long or as short as you like.

Disable Avatars

Meanwhile, if you want to get rid of avatars entirely, you can toggle this option.

Avatar Summon Time

To balance avatars, they take a long time to summon, during which the player can’t move. This changes the duration of that period, from a default of 20 seconds.

Avatar Dome Duration Multiplier

Changes the duration of Avatar domes from a default of 48 hours. Setting this to 0.1 will disable them entirely.

Enable Auto Facing on attack

This is a toggle for gamepad players. Turning it on activates the auto-targeting system for ease of use.

Enable Target Lock

Control whether players can lock on to enemies and neutrals.

Disable Landclaim Notifications

A simple True or False toggle depending on your user’s preferences.


Item Spoil Rate Scale

Foods usually last 2 minutes before spoiling in Conan. You can set them to never spoil with 0, to 4 minutes with a value of 0.5, etc.

Harvest Amount Multiplier

You can make things easier for your players by setting this to 2. This way, they’ll get double the resources.

Resource Respawn Speed Multiplier

Resources usually take 30 seconds to respawn after being harvested. You can speed or slow this process.

Land Claim Radius Multiplier

Placing items in Conan claims land for that player in a preset radius. By default, that measurement is 20 feet, but admins can adjust this to their liking.


Crafting Time Multiplier

Adjusts the time it takes to craft items.

Thrall Crafting Time Multiplier

Makes it faster/slower to train a Thrall.

Fuel Burn Multiplier

The higher you set this the longer fuel units burn.

Crafting Speed Multiplier

Adjusts the speed items can be crafted. The lower the setting, the faster things are made.


Disable Building Abandonment

Stops buildings from disappearing over time.

Building Decay Time Multiplier

If enabled, changes the time it takes for building pieces to decay. The lower it is, the slower the deterioration.


Chat Local Radius

You only see local chat in Conan when you’re close to other players. By default, that’s 30 centimeters. This setting lets you adjust it to your preferences.

Max Message Length

You probably don’t want players filling the chat window with one giant message. With this, you can choose an exact number of characters as the cut-off point.

Chat Has Global

As well as local chat, admins can choose to enable/disable a separate channel where players can communicate regardless of location.


Enable Purge

Enables/disables purge events.

Purge Level

Changes the difficulty of purges.

Restrict Purge Time

This lets you set it so Purges only run on certain days/times.

Purge Preparation Time

Adjusts the time between the warning message and when the purge actually begins.

Purge Duration

Quite self-explanatory. The max length of the purge.

Minimum Number of Online Players

Lets you decide how many players have to be online for a purge to trigger. You can enable offline purges if set to zero.

Allow Building

Decide whether players can build during purges.

Purge Meter Trigger Value

Purges trigger when a player does enough activities in-game to reach a threshold in their purge meter, so long as the previous conditions are met. Lower numbers here raise the meter more quickly.

Purge NPC Building Damage Multiplier

Modifies the damage NPCs do during purges to adjust the difficulty.


Enable Hunger System: Thralls

Companions have their own hunger system in Conan, but you can turn it on or off.

Enable Hunger System: Pets

Same as above, but for pets.

Starvation Time In Minutes

Controls how long it takes for your companions to starve.

Starvation Damage Penalty Cap

Companions take damage when they starve. This determines how much of their health they can use as a result. 1 would be 100%, 0.5 50%, etc.

Animal Pen Crafting Time Multiplier

Changes the crafting time in pens.

Food Container Range Multiplier

Food containers can feed companions within a certain distance. This widens/shortens that radius.

Exclusive Diet

Companions have different diets. Enabling this means they’ll only be able to eat those items. Leaving it disabled lets them eat anything.

Conclusion and Resources

As you can tell, Conan: Exiles server config is one of the most robust out there. You get unprecedented control of gameplay mechanics without needing mods, which is very helpful as a server admin.

90% of these settings are best left at the default until you run into something that annoys you or your players complain. If you’ve been playing Conan for a while, you probably already have an idea of what bugs you in the vanilla game. In general, it’s best to be conservative with your increases/decreases, but there are some resources to help you get a good balance: